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Unveiling the DynamoDB Table Migration Tool: A Leap Forward in Local Development

As a software developer, it is not uncommon to encounter repetitive tasks that often shift focus away from the essence of our work – innovating and improving our applications. One such hurdle that I believe many of us face is the manual process of creating DynamoDB tables during local development. Understanding the full breadth of

From Redbeard’s ATIS Generator to vATC Suite

The open-source virtual air traffic control project known as “Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” has been rebranded as “vATC Suite.” This change reflects the project’s growth beyond just generating ATIS broadcasts. Now it provides a wider range of air traffic controller tools. “Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” was a simple tool focused on creating text and voice ATIS for

Redbeard’s ATIS Generator

Welcome to Vahn Gomes’ blog, today I’ll be showing off an open-source project I have been working on called Redbeard’s ATIS Generator which is a simple-to-use tool for non-VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge controllers to generate an ATIS in text and spoken formats. What is ATIS? Before we dive into the details of Redbeard’s ATIS Generator, let’s quickly understand