Vahn Gomes

Fullstack Developer and Aviation Enthusiast

From Redbeard’s ATIS Generator to vATC Suite

The open-source virtual air traffic control project known as “Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” has been rebranded as “vATC Suite.” This change reflects the project’s growth beyond just generating ATIS broadcasts. Now it provides a wider range of air traffic controller tools. “Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” was a simple tool focused on creating text and voice ATIS for

An Oversight: Misconfiguring Woodpecker with SQLite

In this blog post, I recount my experience with a critical misconfiguration in Woodpecker, where I mistakenly used SQLite instead of MySQL within a Docker container. This unintentional error led to data loss during routine updates. Join me as I reflect on the challenges faced, the lessons learned, and the importance of careful database configuration in software development.