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Playing Around with Laravel and Vue 3 for a Simple Issue Tracker

I’ve been playing around with Laravel and Vue 3 lately and decided to convert a simple issue tracker I found online into a Laravel + Vue 3 project.

The original project was just plain PHP and SQLite, but I wanted to familiarize myself with the Laravel framework. So I took the simple issue tracker code from this blog post and re-implemented it using Laravel and Vue. You can view the original code I started with here.

It’s a pretty basic system – you can create/edit/delete issues, assign them to users, change status, etc. Nothing too fancy. I use Laravel for the backend API and Vue for the front end. I also created some custom icons for the project which you can download here.

So far it’s been a fun side project to mess around with these technologies. Laravel makes building the REST API easy. And Vue is great for reactive frontend code.

I don’t have any actual use for this mini-issue tracker. It’s mostly just for learning and experimenting. But it’s been a good way to get more hands-on with Laravel and Vue.

Let me know if you have any other ideas for fun projects I could try with Laravel and Vue! I’m always looking for little things like this to tinker with in my spare time.

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