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From Redbeard’s ATIS Generator to vATC Suite

The open-source virtual air traffic control project known as “Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” has been rebranded as “vATC Suite.” This change reflects the project’s growth beyond just generating ATIS broadcasts. Now it provides a wider range of air traffic controller tools.

“Redbeard’s ATIS Generator” was a simple tool focused on creating text and voice ATIS for non-VATSIM/IVAO/PilotEdge controllers. “vATC Suite” aims to serve the broader virtual ATC community. It enables virtual controllers to generate more than just ATIS broadcasts. “vATC Suite” also enables generating AWOS weather reports, pre-departure clearances, and other features. These features increase realism for virtual air traffic control.

By expanding capabilities beyond “Redbeard’s” initial ATIS generator concept, the “vATC Suite” rebranding positions the project differently. It is now a more comprehensive virtual air traffic control toolkit. The expanded scope and new name better convey the value proposition to virtual controllers. Virtual controllers are looking for tools to enhance their online flying networks. While retaining the original ATIS generator tool, “vATC Suite” represents an evolution from Redbeard’s ATIS Generator to vATC Suite.

Check out the vATC Suite GitHub repo here to see the new virtual ATC tools capabilities being added. And see the website here for updated information on the vATC Suite project.

The rebranding from Redbeard’s ATIS Generator to vATC Suite reflects an evolution in open-source virtual air traffic control tools. The expanded features move it from a single-purpose ATIS generator to a more robust toolkit for virtual controllers. If you operate online flying networks, vATC Suite may provide the virtual ATC enhancements you need.

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